Annual Report 2014-2015

a message from our executive director:

Every decision that HomeFront makes lies at the basis of whether or not it will benefit the clients and families we serve. This year, HomeFront saw a number of purposeful changes that helped solidify the organization as a leader in the domestic violence sector, and establish the most effective intervention and support for our clients.

With HomeFront’s collaborative response to domestic violence, there is an improved coordination and management between systems stakeholders, improved networking, deepening of intersecting sector relationships and powerful advocacy regarding policy and funding for the sector. HomeFront also works to break down systemic and programmatic cultural silos which create barriers to effective, coordinated and integrated responses addressing clients’ needs. Home Front engages stakeholders in a comprehensive strategy designed to increase systemic capacities through issue specific and engagement training. Activities include increasing staff and management interactions through site visits, presentations and orientation opportunities, issue specific training, and inter agency meetings examining existing protocols and systemic improvement discussion. HomeFront will support these discussions with data, policy research, community mobilization, and facilitating the collective actions.

We determined that merging two of our existing programs to create one efficient and focused program would provide a better opportunity for clients to create meaningful relationships with the case managers. Further, we were focused on cultivating and fostering relationships within the community that strengthen our collective impact, and we continued to take meaningful steps to engage all parties involved in the justice process to discuss larger systemic changes that can improve efficiencies, and ultimately positively impact our clients.

This past year, HomeFront concluded the four year strategic plan. In this time, we worked to establish two pilot programs (Domestic Conflict Response Team and High Risk Management Initiative). The success of these pilots resulted in both programs being incorporated into HomeFront’s ongoing program delivery.

In this quest to end domestic violence, HomeFront knows that first and foremost we are stronger when we draw together our resources. We understand that the work within our programs is possible with our partners, funders, donors, and volunteers, and it is through these relationships that we are able to provide a continuum of support for our clients.

As we look to the year ahead, we recognize that there will be hurdles we will need to face in light of the current economic state. With your help, we will be able to overcome these challenges and secure sustainable and dependable financial resources to continue to help the families who need us most.

HomeFront walks the path with our clients, supporting them along the way, wherever their journey leads them. Thank you for walking this path with us, your dedication to HomeFront is making a real and marked difference in the lives of our clients.


Margaret Stevens
Executive Director


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a message from our board of directors:

This past year saw a number of positive and innovative changes for HomeFront; new leadership, restructured programming, a solidified new direction and a reenergized passion for our mission of ending domestic violence.

HomeFront utilized this opportunity to re-evaluate and reflect inwards. Assessing program efficiencies determined that merging the Specialized Domestic Violence Court Program with the Partner Support Program would create the most streamline and beneficial program to support our clients.

Margaret Stevens was transitioned into the role of executive director during the year, and began to lead HomeFront in a completely new realm of focus and drive. Due to her remarkable leadership and continued contributions to the area of collaboration and ending domestic violence, Margaret received the Government of Alberta Community Justice Award in the area of Partnerships and Collaborations.

Throughout the last 15 years, HomeFront has taken monumental and groundbreaking steps towards our vision of one day seeing a society free of domestic violence, and in this next year, we plan on taking even bigger steps towards our ultimate goal. We look to this year with great optimism that it will be one of our best yet, and we hope that you will join us in empowering the movement.

We are humbled by the support of the community, determined by the strength of our clients, and grateful for all of our partners, funders, donors, stakeholders, volunteers, staff and fellow board members; thank you for your collaboration, your commitment and for joining us in creating a future free of domestic violence.

Lauretta Enders - Signature

Lauretta Enders
HomeFront Board of Directors

Signature - Chris Richer Blue
Chris Richer
HomeFront Board of Directors


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