Charity Challenge Point Structure

You have 5 opportunities to earn points in this section of the Charity Challenge. Each category is optional and at the discretion of the participating company.



# of Points
One Point
Coffee & Support

Give $50 so a victim of domestic violence can enjoy coffee while they meet with their caseworker in a safe and neutral location.

One Point
Safety Plan

Give $150 to provide a personalized and intensive safety plan for a victim of domestic violence.

One Point
Lunch and Learn

Host a HomeFront staff member to speak about the impact of domestic violence on our community and ways to help someone you may know that is dealing with domestic violence.

One Point
Court Support

Give $500 dollars to provide support from a HomeFront caseworker for a victim of domestic violence who is required to testify in court.

One Point
Save a Family

Give $1000 in order to provide wrap around extensive support in order to help one family break their cycle with domestic violence.