Charity Challenge Points

There are five ways to earn points by supporting HomeFront in the Charity Challenge!

Each category is optional and at the discretion of the participating company.


# of Points
Court Tour

Visit HomeFront from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30a.m., Tuesday OR Thursday from March 5 to September 19 to learn more about our work with families experiencing domestic violence; then see this work in action first-hand on a tour of the Specialized Domestic Violence Court.  Participants must be 18+, and will be required to bring government-issued photo ID and pass security clearance to enter the courtroom.

Register for a Court Tour

Auction Item

Give an unwrapped item, a certificate for an experience, or gift cards valued at $100 or more to be auctioned at HomeFront’s fundraisers (such as Fashion Forward or Overcoming Obstacles) to support families impacted by domestic violence.


By June 15, 2019: Harness your strength, teamwork, determination and resiliency — Register a team of four at HomeFront’s fundraiser Overcoming Obstacles to help victims of domestic violence face the daily challenges and overwhelming obstacles in their lives. Pledges you secure in the amounts of ‘Save my Life’ and/or ‘New Identity’ will earn you points in these categories.

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By August 23, 2019: Register and walk with HomeFront at the Calgary Pride Parade on Sunday, September 1st. Groups of up to 5 are welcome. Groups are required to arrive at the parade staging location by 10 a.m. and will walk the approx. 2km parade route, which takes about two hours.

Join HomeFront in the Calgary Pride Parade

Save My Life ($500)

Help save the lives of two clients ($250 per client) with highly skilled risk assessments AND safety planning for those experiencing chronic, high-risk violence in their homes.

New Identity ($2,000)

Included in HomeFront’s work are the highest risk files. Extreme safety risks can involve name changes ($500) and relocations ($500), which require extensive and specialized case management ($1,000).

Donations for ‘Save My Life’ and ‘New Identity’ can be made securely using the form below.