HomeFront is partnering with Checker Yellow Cabs to launch the third and final My HomeFront campaign to end domestic violence.


We have reached the third and final chapter of the My HomeFront campaign in partnership with Checker Yellow Cabs. This campaign has been truly incredible and unprecedented for HomeFront, and we look forward to another successful year.

The Story So Far

The My HomeFront campaign started in 2015 with a lofty goal to increase awareness and normalize the conversation about domestic violence. We wanted to send messages of empowerment, inspiration and hope to those dealing with abuse and let them know that they are surrounded by a community that cares.

My HomeFront was originally designed as a three year vision – the first year we set out to empower those living with domestic violence to know they are not alone and are loved. Last year, we inspired the community to show that Calgary has a big heart and for this final year we want people to act.

This years logo features a symbol of hands holding which ties into the idea of action. Holding hands symbolizes safety, support and love – reaching out your hand is a way to show someone in need that you care and are ready to help. Further, holding hands is a means of connection and unity and represents the community coming together and taking action against domestic violence.

How can you BE the movement and take ACTION against domestic violence?

In order to affect change, we must act. Below are a few ways that you can BE the movement:

ASK FOR HELP – If you are struggling with domestic violence in your relationship, know that there are safe avenues of support available. If the danger is immediate, call 911. HomeFront encourages people to reach out to the police – HomeFront acts as the “what next?” after people have been in contact with the police.

If you are not comfortable reaching out to police, check out the Get Help page on our site, which has a number of safe, confidential and inclusive resources in the city where you can access support.

BE AN ENGAGED BYSTANDER – There are a number of ways to lend a hand to someone you think might be dealing with domestic violence. Start by expressing genuine care and concern, and ask open questions. This lets the other person know that you are a safe person to open up or to share what’s going on. Examples include: “I’ve noticed … and I am concerned about you. If there anything I can do to help?” or “I’ve noticed … and I’m worried about you. Is everything ok?” We’ve created a blog with more details on how you can assist someone who might disclose they are in a violent relationship, you can read that here.

DONATE – HomeFront works to support families faced with domestic violence and holds their hand as they navigate the difficult journey to safety. As a non-profit, HomeFront relies on community donations to continue to provide this support. Your donation will help to free individuals and families from the cycle of abuse and give them a future filled with hope. If you are interested in supporting HomeFront, you can donate here.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT OF THE MOVEMENT– We encourage Calgarians to snap a pic when they see a decal on a yellow cab and post it to social media with the tag, #myhomefront.

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Thank you to all our supporters, donors, funders, volunteers, staff, friends and partners for your enormous amount of support and for leading the charge and recognizing the need for the My HomeFront campaign.

Our special thank you goes to Checker Yellow Cabs. They were champions right from the very beginning and we are forever grateful for their generosity, advocacy and dedication. 

Thank you finally to all the Calgarians who have already stepped up to take action and be the movement. Together, we can ensure individuals and families in our community have healthy, safe, and respectful relationships, and a home where they can thrive and realize their full potential. A world without domestic violence is possible, but it’s going to take every single person in our community to care.

HomeFront Videos:

Check out our campaign videos from the last two years!

If you have questions about this initiative, please email: communications@homefrontcalgary.com