By now, you have probably started to notice that there is a different look about the Checker Yellow Cabs around Calgary. Right now, there are over 800 cabs driving around Calgary with MyHomeFront decals on them, and last night we launched a massive and unprecedented campaign for HomeFront!

MyHomeFront is a campaign that started inside the HomeFront offices at the end of last year. While discussing the premise for a public awareness campaign, we were determined to look at domestic violence in a new way. Past domestic violence campaigns have continually featured images of bruised and beaten individuals, and while we recognize this is the tragic and horrific reality of domestic violence, we were concerned that those individuals living with abuse would see these images and be further victimized and shamed, and it would bring them right back to that place of trauma. Instead, we wanted to empower victims – to know they are surrounded by a community that cares. And this is where the idea of love came in, because love is a statement that says, “I care.”

We chose the American Sign Language sign for “I love you” as a part of our logo, as it is a visual message that transcends spoken or audible language. It is a message that breaks down barriers and gives hope to anyone.

Domestic violence knows no boundaries; it crosses every culture, every language, and every community. Ultimately, we want to convey to anyone and everyone that is affected by domestic violence that there is inclusive help and support available.
HomeFront believes that everyone is deserving of healthy, safe, and respectful love. We want to spread the message that the community needs to join together and empower victims to know that they are not alone; there is a community of love and support that surrounds them.

Last night over 150 people joined us to officially launch this groudbreaking campaing. We chose to hold the function at the Sunwest Aviation air hangar because we wanted a venue as unique as the campaign.

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Brittany Hazel, a local singer/songwriter opened the night by performing her original song, titled “HomeFront” – she volunteered her time and her talents to write this beautiful song for the campaign.



Maggie MacKillop, HomeFront’s executive director took the stage next to talk a bit about the work HomeFront does and to thank everyone for coming out and showing their support.


Michelle Morgan, from CBC’s hit show Heartland, was our incredible emcee for the evening. She has been an ambassador for the campaign from the very beginning and is a passionate advocate determined to ensure that everyone has a safe, nurturing and loving home.



We we very excited that Mayor Nenshi was able to attend the launch. He gave a powerful and touching speech about the importance of the community rallying around our fellow neighbours and showing that we care.



Deputy Chief Murray Stooke took the stage next to share a little insight into the long standing and vital partnership that the Calgary Police Service has with HomeFront.


Jeff Bradshaw, President & CEO of V strategies Inc, a visual communications company here in Calgary, spoke next to share why they chose to partner with HomeFront to create a brilliant campaign video.


Guests were then given the first look at the MyHomeFront Campaign video. V Strategies Inc. did an unbelievable job creating a powerful, moving and inspiring video, and we are so grateful they chose to partner with us and donate their time, talent and expertise.

Checker Transportation Group President, Kurt Enders, came up to say a few words about this unique and unprecedented initiative, and why Checker was eager and willing to donate space on over 800 cabs. Their involvement is the reason this campaign is the size and scope, and the reason we are able to reach as many Calgarians as possible.


The formal portion of the night was ended with cheque presentations from a few of the major sponsors of the campaign – from the HomeFront Board of Directors, Progress Energy and Spindle, Stairs & Railings.

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The night ended with celebrations, mingling, and fun. You can spot most of the HomeFront staff in their campaign t-shirts, most volunteered their time last night to help ensuring the event went smoothly!




From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who came out last night to support the MyHomeFront campaign. Thank you to all of our supporters and all the Calgarians who have already stepped up to send their messages of love. Together, we can ensure individuals and families in our community have a home where they can thrive and realize their full potential. A world without domestic violence is possible, but it’s going to take every single person in our community to care.

For more information on how YOU can get involved in this campaign and empower the movement, visit the campaign page.

All photos courtesy of Venray Images.

Thank you to all of our in-kind donors:

Checker Yellow Cabs for donating space on over 800 cabs throughout Calgary.

V Strategies Inc. for producing the campaign video and for donating their time, talent and creativity.

Sunwest Aviation for donating one of the air hangars for to officially launch the campaign.

Josee Michel Events for helping to coordinate the planning of our launch.

6 Degrees Studio for professionally recording Brittany Hazel’s song – HomeFront.

Vogue Booth for providing a photo booth for the launch event.

Pattison Outdoor Advertising for donating digital billboard space around the city for us to bring further exposure to our campaign.

Thank you to all of our sponsors:

HomeFront Board of Directors

Progress Energy

HUB International

Spindle, Stairs & Railings

McArthur Fine Furniture & Interior Design


Hyatt Auto Gallery

Renfrew Insurance

LloydSadd Insurance Brokers