HomeFront was thrilled to participate in our second annual Calgary Pride Parade this past Sunday. 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the event that celebrates equality, acceptance, progress, and love. It was also a year that was bigger and better than ever.

While this year’s weather didn’t quite show the same spirit, everyone at the parade didn’t let a little cold weather stop them from cheering, waving, dancing and showing their support. Tens of thousands lined the new route along 9th avenue southwest to watch the parade which boasted over 160 entries. HomeFront always has such an amazing time walking the parade route and taking in all the positive energy.

Last year, HomeFront received a small grant through the Calgary Foundation to spearhead our pride initiatives. This funding has gone a long way in supporting our ability to enter into two parades, and provide training to our staff this November on same sex domestic violence and how to best support LGBTQ* clients.  HomeFront is committed to ensuring we are a safe, inclusive organization for the LGBTQ* community.


We chose once again to carry large ‘love’ balloons in the parade, as they are aligned with the message we are spreading through the My HomeFront campaign, a message that everyone is deserving of healthy love; love that is built on respect, trust, safety and support and love that is free from prejudice, judgement, violence or harm.  HomeFront is committed to ensuring everyone knows they are supported by a community of love, and deserving of safe homes, respectful relationship and healthy families.

HomeFront chose to become involved in the Pride Parade because we wanted to show our support for the community, and because we also know that LGBTQ* victims of domestic violence often face additional barriers that prevent them from taking the steps necessary to seek help. By raising awareness, we hope to empower people to know that they are not alone; they are surrounded by a community that cares; a message we’ve been promoting throughout the last few months as part of the My HomeFront campaign.

We would like to thank The Calgary Foundation for supporting our Pride initiatives through the small grants funding. Thank you to everyone who cheered us on at the parade, your excitement and positivity makes this one of the best events we attend each year. We’re already planning and looking forward to next year!


There are a number of safe and inclusive resources out there that can help if you or someone you know is experiencing same sex domestic violence. If there is immediate danger, call the police. Below are resources specific to the LGBTQ* Community. It takes a community to end domestic violence, and the first step is getting help.

For further resources and support available, visit the Get Help page of our website.