We are currently navigating an unprecedented time as we take steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19. HomeFront is committed to help protect the health and safety our employees, clients and the community.

We have implemented a work from home protocol for staff in order to maintain proper social distancing. Further, we continue to keep our clients informed and supported while also looking out for their health and wellbeing.

Economic stressors, isolation, and uncertainty impact rates of domestic violence. We will continue to provide our clients with the seamless service delivery they have come to expect, and work alongside our partners to effectively manage this ever-evolving situation.

Finally, given the new challenges and issues presented by COVID-19 we’ve updated safety plans to better equip our clients with tools to recognize and respond to elevated risk of domestic violence during self-isolation.

We encourage victims of domestic violence to continue to reach out for help and know that there are resources available to support them. The Family Violence Information Line is available 24/7 at 403-234-SAFE (7233). If you are in danger, call 911.

Together we will overcome these challenging times and protect those that need us the most.