The Coordinated Community Response

The Coordinated Community Response

HomeFront seeks to achieve its vision and mission by implementing a coordinated community response to domestic violence. It works to achieve these goals by coordinating major systems and driving systemic change through the specialized domestic violence court, early case resolution, specialized case management, mandated domestic violence treatment, evaluation, and programming for people experiencing domestic violence.

Case Managers

Case managers provide support to the victims of domestic violence from the date of the incident until the cases move out of the Domestic Violence Court or the offenders conditions are completed. Victims are assisted through the criminal justice system, ensuring they understand the Court process.

Specialized Domestic Violence Court

Every effort is made to ensure that all cases of domestic violence in Calgary appear first in this Court. The Court uses a team of experts in order to ensure appropriate and efficient responses to domestic violence incidents.

High Risk Management Initiative

HRMI is a very intensive and longer-term program with the capacity to work with up to 20-25 chronic high-risk domestic violence cases. Here, the HomeFront Case-Management team works with both the victim and the offender.

Evalution & Frontline

HomeFront is an internationally recognized coordinated community response to domestic violence. The evaluations have directly lead to province-wide initiatives, such as the mandated offender treatment program and establishment of other specialized responses in Alberta.

Mandated Domestic Violence Treatment

HomeFront oversees the provision of community-based treatment services primarily in Calgary and in partnership with established Calgary treatment programs and where required in surrounding areas. A primary goal of HomeFront is to ensure effective offender accountability, treatment and eventual incorporation into positive social roles and responsibilities.

Case Management

Case Management

HomeFront’s Case Managers work to support victims in incidents where charges have been laid and the case is entering into the justice system. Case Managers works alongside Child and Family Services, Crown, Calgary Police Service, defense counsel and probation officers to support victims through the criminal court process by:

  • Helping victims understand the court proceedings and providing court updates.
  • Ensuring victims’ interests and wishes are considered in court decisions.
  • Developing effective safety planning.
  • Connecting victims to resources in the community.
  • Following up with victims until probation orders end and clients’ safety is optimized.

The Case Management Team works closely with the High Risk Management Initiative (HRMI). This program identifies high-risk domestic offenders, and works collaboratively to provide risk assessment, risk management and intense intervention strategies for these offenders, while creating an umbrella of support and safety for the victims. This service is a unique partnership with Alberta Health Services, Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority, Calgary Counselling Centre, Calgary Police Service, Community Corrections, and YWCA Sheriff King Home.

“I made the life-changing decision to call to the police in January of 2014 after my ex-partner assaulted me. A couple days after the incident, Meghan from HomeFront’s Domestic Violence Intervention and Resource Team (DVIRT) gave me a call, and introduced herself as my case manager. At the time I didn’t realize the impact she would soon have on my life.

Over the coming months I began to lean on my HomeFront case manager a lot. Dealing with the police and the courts was all new to me, and I was so intimidated by those bigger systems at first, but having HomeFront on my side during that time made a world of difference.

I can honestly say that without HomeFront, I wouldn’t have survived.

My HomeFront case manager was there to support me along the way, and when I was having my doubts about doing it on my own, she was right there telling me how strong I was and how I deserved better. Hearing those words gave me the confidence I needed to keep going, and to continue fighting for a better life for me and my children.

I am in a much better place in my life now. My home is no longer a scary, dangerous place, and I am no longer afraid. Because of HomeFront, my children and I are happy now, and for that I am forever grateful.”

– Former HomeFront Client



HomeFront is a core partner in Calgary’s Specialized Domestic Violence Court. The Court uses a team of experts in order to ensure appropriate and timely responses to domestic violence incidents with the needs of the family kept at the forefront. HomeFront brings together social service agencies, law enforcement and the criminal justice system to:

  • Protect the community through the provision of services to the victim, including advocacy, information and treatment services that promote the safety of the victim and facilitate their active involvement in the criminal justice process.
  • Hold the offender accountable through the imposition of legal sanctions and provision of opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Increase accessibility of diverse groups and populations to the justice system.
  • Reduce gaps and avoid duplication of service through coordination and collaboration within the justice system and between the justice system and broader community.
  • Increase public confidence in the justice system by providing a more immediate and appropriate response to domestic violence.

Our Impact

I called who I trusted to get the job done. I called HomeFront. If faced with similar circumstances, I would do it again.

-Dan Walker, Former Staff Sergeant, Calgary Police Service

R esearch and evaluation is a large component of HomeFront’s work, and critical to the success of our programs.
Recently, a client satisfaction analysis was completed and determined:

  • 61% of clients surveyed reported feeling very safe following the conclusion of HomeFront services.
  • 93% of clients surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that their caseworker was available when they needed them and 97% agreed or strongly agreed that they felt comfortable with their HomeFront case manager.