HomeFront Wins Partnership, Collaboration & Connection Award

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We are excited to announce that HomeFront’s Case Management Team received the Partnership, Collaboration and Connection Award in the 2020 United Way of Calgary and Bhayana Family Foundation Awards.

Our Case Management Team shows dedication and innovation in their approach to collaboration and partnerships. This past year has been extremely challenging, but our Case Managers ensure our partnerships remain strong and our clients continue to be supported.

As the Partnership, Collaboration & Connection Award title suggests, complex social problems cannot solely be addressed by one single agency. By working alongside other partners and organizations, we have been able to achieve outcomes that are only possible through collaborative work. Collaboration is central to our success in the intervention and prevention of domestic violence. We are so grateful for our partnerships with CPS, the justice system, and various community partners and agencies in the city that help us provide support to families impacted by domestic violence.

HomeFront has always co-located with our police and crown partners, and this has allowed for smooth, effective, and easy partnerships and collaboration on files. Due to the pandemic, HomeFront moved to a work-from-home format in 2020, and, while we had concerns that this could create barriers for some of this important collaborative work, our Case Management Team adapted quickly to ensure that these partnerships remain strong. We recognize that strength in collaboration has a profound effect on the process as a whole and creates positive outcomes for our clients.

The HomeFront Case Management Team works alongside various agencies in Calgary to build connections in order to provide referrals and resources to clients that are timely and critical to their healing journey. This past year, HomeFront’s Case Management Team collaborated even more than previous years, making over 2,400 contacts to community resources in order to case conference, refer, and advocate on behalf of client’s needs. These important partnerships and connections with other agencies and organizations help us provide clients with wrap around support and intervention, while ensuring that work is not being duplicated.

We look forward to continuing with our partnerships to make a difference in our community and are so thankful to receive the Partnership, Collaboration & Connection Award in recognition of the work that we do.