Research and Evaluation

We are committed to and invested in collecting data from our programs, client interactions, and court proceedings. In so doing, HomeFront fills a critical demand from stakeholders, government, and funders for meaningful data that describes in real and rigorous terms the impacts and improvements that the coordinated response to domestic violence is creating. It also allows full participation with other provincial and international evaluations examining domestic violence responses and informing global best practices.  

Through our logic model and evaluation framework, HomeFront continuously evaluates program measurements and their outcomes, addressing policy implications and furthering its contributions to the domestic violence knowledge base within both its community of practice and the academic, political, and social sciences fields. 

Our innovative data collection and reporting database is advancing domestic violence research and coordination of information across multiple systems. The information we collect and analyze includes:

  • Demographic information
  • Risk assessment information
  • Court efficiencies and efficacy of intervention