Specialized Case Management

HomeFront receives 100% of referrals from Calgary Police Services in cases where domestic violence has occurred and charges have been laid. 
This translates into an average of 4,000 cases HomeFront addresses each year. 

A High Standard of Excellence

HomeFront’s Case Managers’ goal is to support clients throughout their journey. Our Case Management team understands the complexity of domestic violence and provides support that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. We are trauma informed, and highly skilled in working with vulnerable populations. We work with clients to overcome barriers that are impeding on their ability to receive help. Our team is diverse, multi-lingual, well-versed in resourcing, and able to assist from the moment a charge comes forward, until the conclusion of a domestic violence sentence.

Our Case Managers become involved when a domestic violence charge is laid and provide insight, support, and court updates as the matter moves through our Specialized Domestic Violence Court. We engage in ongoing risk assessments and consistently check in on clients’ safety and engage in safety planning. Additionally, we play a vital role in relaying the clients’ interests and wishes to the Crown Prosecutors office to be taken into consideration. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are not feeling left out of the criminal justice process. Once the matter is complete in court, HomeFront Case Managers remain involved until the end of a sentence, or until safety is optimized. Ultimately, the level of engagement is in the hands of the client; Case Managers are here to empower those impacted by domestic violence.

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Specialized Domestic Violence Court

Every effort is made to ensure that all cases of domestic violence in Calgary appear first in the Specialized Domestic Violence Court, which uses a team of experts to ensure appropriate and efficient responses to domestic violence incidents.

Early Case Resolution

Early Case Resolution is a collaboration of HomeFront partners who work together and case conference to determine best outcomes and possible resolutions for the domestic violence cases before the Court.  

Partner Safety Check

When an offender has entered a Domestic Violence Mandated Treatment Program, HomeFront ensures the current partner receives the support necessary to maximize their safety. 

High Risk Management Initiative

The High Risk Management Initiative is a collaborative community partnership program that works with extremely high-risk domestic violence cases to provide in-depth assessment, enhanced monitoring, access to treatment, and intensive support for victim safety.