Help is only a phone call away. We encourage you to reach out if you, or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence.

HomeFront, working alongside a host of community services, ensures proper assistance and treatment gets to those who need it most. Together with justice, police, counselling centres and shelters, 24-hour support is available in Calgary and surrounding areas.

For more information on support and appropriate referrals, please contact HomeFront at: 403.206.2100 ext. 243

Emergency – Police/Fire/Ambulance


Calgary Police Service (non-emergency line)


24-Hour Family Violence Help Line

403.234.SAFE (7233) or 1.866.606.7233

Awo Taan Healing Lodge

Crisis Line: 403.531.1972 or 403.531.1976

Distress Centre 

24-hour Crisis Line: 403.266.HELP (4357)

Kerby Elder Abuse Line

24-hour Crisis Line: 403-705-3250

YWCA Sheriff King Home Emergency Shelter

24-hour Crisis Line: 403.266.0707

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

Support and Information Line: 403.237.5888

Wheatland Shelter, Strathmore (accepts men)

24-hour Crisis Line: 403-934-6634 or toll-free 1-877-934-6634

HomeFront is a non-profit organization here in Calgary that works to support families and individuals impacted by domestic violence. Once a domestic violence charge has been laid through the Calgary Police Service, HomeFront gets in touch with the victim on the file to provide our support as their case moves through the court system. Through a unique collaborative approach, we provide victims of domestic violence with court updates, safety plans, information, resources, referrals, emotional support, and anything else they might need during this difficult time.

HomeFront’s clients are referred to our organization by the Calgary Police Service. If you or someone you know is being abused and is in immediate danger, call 911. If you’re unsure of what to do, there are a number of resources in Calgary that provide safe, confidential and inclusive support. These resources are for anyone with questions or who is concerned that they are in a relationship involving domestic violence. For more information on support and appropriate referrals, please contact 403.206.2100

HomeFront will be in contact with you after a charge has been laid. Your Case Manager will introduce themselves and our services. HomeFront services are completely voluntary and free of charge. Your Case Manager will then act as your support and advocate for the duration of the court proceedings and beyond if required. HomeFront Case Manager’s recognize that each person’s journey is different and requires special care and attention. Case Manager’s provide a non-judgmental ear to listen. They can provide safety plans, resources, information and referrals, or anything you might need during this difficult time. They will ensure that you understand the court proceedings, and that your wishes are taken into consideration by the court. Your Case Manager is there for you.

Please give us a call at 403-206-2100 ext. 243 and we will direct you to your case manager for support.


The attempt, act or intent of someone within a relationship, where the relationship is characterized by intimacy, dependency or trust, to intimidate either by threat or by the use of physical force on another person or property. The purpose of the abuse is to control and or exploit through neglect, intimidation, inducement of fear or by inflicting pain. Abusive behaviour can take many forms including: verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and economic and the violation of rights. All forms of abusive behaviour are ways in which one human being is trying to have control and/or exploit or have power over another.
Domestic violence can affect anyone. It does not discriminate by age, gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, or ability. Anyone can be a perpetrator of domestic violence, and anyone can be a victim.