High Risk Management Initiative

The High Risk Management Initiative (HRMI) is collaborative community partnership program that works with chronic domestic violence cases that are considered to be at high-risk of escalation or lethality. The HRMI collaborative oversees anywhere from 20-25 cases that are monitored by a group of 12 community members across Calgary.

HomeFront initially spearheaded this initiative in 2013, with the goal of enhancing cross discipline communication, increasing client safety and support, while maintaining offender accountability; ultimately leading to an improved strategic justice response to high-risk domestic violence files.

HomeFront HRMI Case Managers work within a client centered, harm reduction, trauma informed lens. These specialized Case Managers are experts in resourcing, crisis management, risk assessments and safety planning. HRMI Case Managers recognize the systemic, prejudicial, and socioeconomic barriers HRMI clients may face while dealing with domestic violence. The Case Workers focus on eliminating those barriers while promoting client empowerment, growth, independence, and long-term resolutions.

HRMI cases have an average intervention period of approximately 16.6 months, of these cases, approximately 20% of clients require more than two years of intervention. HRMI files are only closed after the offender demonstrates one full year of compliance (i.e. no further domestic violence incidents or offences). Although a file with the HRMI committee may close, HomeFront may remain involved with the client to continue to support their journey and maintain client safety.

HRMI partners believe that “if chronic high-risk domestic violence offenders receive collaborative, proactive, specialized and intensive case management, there will be a noticeable stabilization of the client, a more effective use of system resources, and ultimately a long-term reduction in chronic and severe incidents of domestic violence.”